Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning

Drain Away are fully registered and fully insured to provide customers with a professional septic tank cleaning service.

We are licenced, fully insured and specialised to provide septic tanks cleaning and sludge disposal services to all types of clients including residential, commercial and industrial. We are an established business operating for over 15 years. We have a comprehensive knowledge of all types of waste water treatment systems.

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We Clean All Types Of Drains

Your septic system needs to be emptied and cleaned every two years to for optimal performance and to maximize its lifespan.

Drain Away septic tanks cleaning experts clean your septic tank to ensure that all debris is removed for a thorough cleaning. The hose is inserted into your septic tank and the waste is removed.
Washing down your tank and removing the sludge that can cause septic systems to fail prematurely. This step is vital to maximizing the benefit of maintenance pumping.

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Our high pressured water jetting service unblock all kinds of drains. The pressure of the water can dislodge all debris, ensuring that no matter how deep a blockage, our system can dislodge it.

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