Sewer Cleaning

our Sewer Cleaning service

Drain Away are fully registered and fully insured to provide customers with a professional sewer cleaning service.

We make use of a high-pressure water jetting system to clean and dislodge debris and blockages from sewers. This modern and innovative system is a fast, hygienic solution to sewer blockages. We’re available to residential properties, commercial properties and industrial properties. Our sewer cleaning procedures are optimised for these different building types. Clients will always get the right sewer cleaning techniques and procedures for their property with Drain Away

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We Clean All Types Of Drains

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our service. Our service standards and our team won’t disappoint.

High Pressure Water Jetting

We provide high-pressure water Jetting for residential and commercial sewers of 3″ to 10″ in diameter. With cleaning pressure of 4000 psi, any grease, muck or roots are dislodged. This modern device will thoroughly clean and unclog the insides of all sewer pipes while not causing damage to the system. This system is notable for its speed and efficiency. It eliminates blockages quickly and thus reduces disruption to a household or a commercial property.

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Our high pressured water jetting service unblock all kinds of drains. The pressure of the water can dislodge all debris, ensuring that no matter how deep a blockage, our system can dislodge it.

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